-MuncheeGurlzzz-Eat or be Eaten!!!

i like food food is good

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-----Munchee Gurlzzz! Eat or be Eaten!!!----------
we are girls. we like food. we like to eat. a lot. we are proud of this fact.

things that we like :
+ eating
+ food
+ eating more food
+ cooking ( vegetarians, vegans, and megans exist among us )
+ talking about eating
+ pigging out
+ eating together and making sure everyone is well fed.
+ junk food
+ free food
+ bbq's
+ buffets

things that are totally lame :
- bolemia
- anorexia
- people that pretend they eat but they really don't
- girls who are ashamed of the fact they like to eat
- grls that are shy about food
- boys that are turned off by gurlz who like to eat.